Friday, March 08, 2013

Royal Baby Crisis Averted! Everyone Go Back To Your Posts!

Remember how I said that I love the alphabet?

Not only can it be used to write blog posts, poetry and entertaining tabloid articles, it can also be used to put words in someones mouth.  It turns out that a video has surfaced that proves Catherine did not stop herself from using a word beginning with the letter 'D' as she accepted a teddy bear.

For a few glorious days we speculated on what Catherine might have meant when she reportedly said 'Is this for my...d..'  Dog, Dentist, Doula? Dammit! Was Catherine deviously teasing us by using the alphabet in calculated ways? Who could blame her? We deserve to be tortured for our incessant need to know everything about her womb.

The video surfaced as the furore was at its apex. Who knows how long we could have chewed on the letter 'D' for? These moments can be mecca for royal watchers who thrive on the media taking any scrap of trivial information and blowing it out of proportion. Because of this new video we will never know just how many more days this story could have gone on for. Killjoy.

Now the media has had to backtrack on their articles and reports. Prior to this video, some experts knew for sure. After the video, experts now know as much as we do about the royal baby's gender. Reporters were only working with what a woman said she overheard. Catherine had no longer dropped the 'hints' people were certain of. Considering the readily available videos, how difficult would it have been to take a closer listen before running with the story? Now a woman in Grimsby has been made to look foolish. Even if she heard it wrong, who made this a bigger story than it needed to be in the first place?

Crisis averted! Now everyone go back to your posts and pray for some real news next time.

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