Thursday, February 19, 2009

And The Excessively Diverting Blog Award goes to...ME!

I don't normally go in for these types of things. True I've been nominated before for various awards like this but I've kept my pride to myself, preferring to savor the accomplishment privately. In this case I've been swayed by the size of the badge - large, pleasant font, and with the name Jane Austen on it..well, who could refuse?

This nomination comes from the lovely blog Enchanted by Josephine . Thank you Ms Lucy! I hope that she doesn't mind my cutting and pasting the explanation.

"Started by the blogging team at Jane Austen Today the "aim of the Excessively Diverting Blog Award is to acknowledge writing excellence in the spirit of Jane Austen’s genius in amusing and delighting readers with her irony, humor, wit, and talent for keen observation. Recipients will uphold the highest standards in the art of the sparkling banter, witty repartee, and gentle reprove."
*Blush* Aww shucks..

But with this nomination comes responsibility. I need to pay it forward 7 times! So here are the blogs which I nominate so that they too can show off the impressive badge.

1) World of Royalty Blog - The posts take a minimalist approach to the subject of royalty and history. This has always conveyed an elegance which I haven't found with any other royal blog. Cinderella's week in review is very entertaining.

2) The Royal Representative - Mandy's respect for the subject is very clearly evident in her posts. A personal and informative royal blog with the occasional diatribe against Oliver Cromwell and Poet Laureates thrown in for good measure.

3) Mad Hattery - A blog entirely about royal hats! The good, the bad, and the "interesting". With clever commentary by Ella Kay.

4) Danish Royal Watchers - The only royal blog that exclusively covers the interesting and excessively photogenic Danish royals.

5) The Royal Twist. A new royal blog. What do you get when you take Sophia formerly of Sophia's Royal Sweden, Norwegianne formerly of Blog Royale and Maxie formerly of Toute Royal? You get The Royal Twist!

6) The Raucous Royals - A truly original royal blog. In a league of its own in terms of the subject and humourous yet informative approach to it. I'd say this is the best royal blog out there at the moment.

7) Lilibet's Royal Blog - "The Personal Blog of HM Queen Elizabeth II" Funny, irreverent. Who knew the Queen could be so amusing?

Phew! Now I'm going to cut and paste further instructions for everyone to pay it forward too!

Recipients, please claim your award by copying the HTML code of the Excessively Diverting Blog Award badge, posting it on your blog, listing the name of the person who nominated you, and linking to their blog. Then nominate seven other blogs that you feel meet or exceed the standards set forth. Nominees may place the Excessively Diverting badge in their side bar and enjoy the appreciation of their fellow blogger for recognition of their talent.

© Marilyn Braun 2009


Sofia said...

Congratulation on the award Marilyn, and humble thanks for choosing our blog as one of your recipients!

Anonymous said...

Having trouble commenting, sorry if you get this comment twice, just wanted to thank you for the award and your kind words!

Marilyn Braun said...

You're welcome to the both of you! :)

Cinderella, I wasn't sure whether you'd be bothered by the 'minimalist' description. I meant it as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble commenting again for some reason, again sorry if you get this twice.

I'm not bothered at all, it's true that I tend to be minimalist -- I worry about that but it's in my nature, so I'm glad if you see a good side to it!

Marilyn Braun said...

Your comments are coming through just fine. :)

I've always seen a good side to it! Like I said, it's always conveyed elegance. I can't think of another blog that does the same thing. You're in a league of your own!!

The Court Jeweller said...

Aw, thanks, Marilyn! Glad that all the mad hattering has been enjoyable for you! ;)

(Love the new blog look by the way ... tres chic!)