Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Royal Review: The Rick Mercer Report: The Book by Rick Mercer

Right now you may be scratching your head going, first, Who on earth is Rick Mercer? Second, you're probably wondering, What does he have to do with royalty? I'll answer the first question in a moment. The answer to the second question? absolutely nothing. So now you're probably thinking you've come to the wrong blog, or I've taken leave of my senses by reviewing a book by a person you know nothing about and who has nothing to do with royalty.

You may think he has nothing to do with royalty. But you know my show, The Royal Report? He's the inspiration behind it. Or at least the style of it. True I've satirized the royal family for almost three years without needing him. Satirizing them is in my veins. However The Royal Report is different and I channel him everytime I write my script and go live with it.

So now you're thinking, it all makes sense. It's so obvious. All of the questions about me and my show that run through your head have been answered by this one review. Since September 25th, 2007, when the book was released, it's been so clear. You're wondering, why didn't it come to you before?

Me too, my friends.

Now to answer the first question: Who on earth is Rick Mercer? If you're in Canada, if you watch the CBC, you're likely to know him from This Hour as 22 minutes and of course,The Rick Mercer Report. If you're in the USA, you might know him from his comedy routine Talking to Americans.

RMR - The Book is a collection of his best rants over the last four years from his show. True, you do need to see the show in order to appreciate his rants but this book comes pretty close to them. Actually, other than reruns and YouTube, it's the next best thing. Rick Mercer satirizes Canadian politicians, and although I know next to nothing about Canadian politics, it doesn't matter. Seeing Rick Mercer having a sleep-over at the Prime Minister's house, skinny dipping with politicians, and rolling joints with Pierre Berton, is something that just has to be seen, or in this case, read about, in order to believe it. And it is funny. Now if you don't know who the politicians are, you can replace them with ones from your own country. Stephen Harper (PM of Canada) now becomes George W. Bush, Gordon Brown, Fredrik Reinfeldt or Heinz Fischer. Members of Parliament now become Senators, or Congressmen. Replace the Conservatives, Liberals, and the Green Party with Republicans, Democrats and your own Green Party. See now the book is fun too! Pencil and eraser not included.

Now you're probably wondering, hey this doesn't sound too bad. What's taking me so long to buy it?

Me too, my friends. Me too.

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Anonymous said...

First we read suggestions that certain royals like to engage in oral sex with employees, now there is reason to suspect that they shot protected birds on Sandrigham Estate. One law for us, another for the Royals. What will happen? Nothing, of course.

Marilyn Braun said...

Well it seems that this particular royal might just face a lot of humiliation.

The royals will probably find a way to cover for Harry with the birds incident. 'Oh, no Prince Harry was miles and miles away and has never even seen a gun...'