Thursday, March 01, 2007

With this piston...

Forget an official announcement or pictures of the ring. A true sign that Kate Middleton is closer than ever to becoming royal, is the fact that she has just bought the same make of car favored by the royal family.

Yes, yes, I know. You're wondering, if it was so easy, why didn't she just go out and buy the car earlier? What about those other young, single, passably attractive women who bought the same car before her? The ones also pining away for their prince to come. I think I know why Kate waited, patiently driving her Volkswagen Golf all this time, she didn't want to make it obvious. She wanted to play hard to get. I mean, anyone can go out and buy this car right? Sensibly, Kate has a good head on her shoulders and didn't want to be too hasty. No, maybe she looked at Nissan's or BMW's or even to please her potential father-in-law, something environmentally friendly, but she was teasing us all along.

"A powerfully bold front end, the striking, sharply broken-off rear and the wedge-shaped outline....conveys a very typical sense of dynamism - even when stationary". Yes, this could describe Kate herself. But while she may be buying the same make of car, she's steering clear of the same model. It's good to maintain one's individuality. And no doubt William will respect her for it. Will she go for the same color? It's hard to say. She's got to be careful on this, as we've seen, royalty doesn't like non-conformists.

Will she go for the three-door or five-door? Let's face it, she has to make room for the body guards, and it's a lot harder to alight gracefully while crawling out the backseat. Also, a five-door makes room for the future heirs and spares. It could lead to some rabid speculation by royal watchers, but it's practical to think long term.

But not to offend her future husband, she's shouldn't go for something faster. The royal spouse must always stay two steps behind, even if they are coughing in the dust. No, she'll never compete with him. But don't worry, she won't be alone with Prince Harry to keep her company.

It's said that she negotiated a good deal. Maybe William told her to mention him. But, it must be emphasized, not too good a deal. She has to wait until later to exercise her royal perogative.

However, if this leads to a royal wedding, it could be the best deal of all.

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