Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Royal Profile: Sir Angus Ogilvy

Angus James Bruce Ogilvy, the second son of the Earl of Airlie, was born on September 14, 1928 at Cortachy Castle. His family was no stranger to the royal family, having had close associations as friends and trusted courtiers. His father was a 'Lord in Waiting' to King George V, his grandmother was a close friend of Queen Mary and his elder brother held the office of Lord Chamberlain.

He was educated at Heatherdown, Eton and Trinity College, Oxford. He graduated in 1950 with a degree in philosphy, politics and economics. From 1946 to 1948 he was commissioned into the Scots guards.

He and Princess Alexandra of Kent (The daughter Princess Marina of Kent and sister of Prince Michael of Kent) were childhood playmates and had been friends all of their lives. They became engaged on November 19, 1962 and were married on April 24,1963 in Westminster Abbey. Despite being married to a popular member of the royal family, Sir Angus was able to keep a relatively low profile. They had two children - James (born 1964) and Marina (born 1966).

After leaving Oxford be pursued a varied and successful career in the City of London, and by 1956 he had become director of a number of companies. In 1973 he became embroiled in a controversy over his involvement with 'Tiny' Rowlands company Lonrho and its activities in Rhodesia. He was later exonerated from any blame but he was obliged to resign from several directorships of various companies and 16 City appointments. Despite the controversy, several companies refused to let him go.

Knighted in 1989, the Queen appointed him a Privy Counsellor in 1997. He was a member of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen's ceremonial bodyguard in Scotland. In later life, he was involved in a large number or charities and his interests included reading, music and architecture. In 2002 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and died two years later on December 26, 2004 - the day after his wife's 68th birthday.

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Othmar Vohringer said...

It's a very long story but many years ago I met Sir Angus Ogilvy very briefly. Like I said long Story. My former boss, a world famous horse trainer, and I where invited to Buckingham Palcae by her Majesty the Queen. My boss was a personal friend of the her Majesty. As we sat in the blue room for a spot of tea and bisquits an aid came in and anounced that Sir Angus Ogilvy has arrived. Whereupon the Queen replayed "Oh, do let him enter".

This visit will be something that will stick in my memory for ever. We have our perseptions of how a Queen behaves and I was surprised how down to earth she is and how aware she is about the life of her common subjects and the problems they have.

I belief if the Queen could actually rule her Empire the people would be much better cared for.

Othmar aka huntwriter

Marilyn said...

Hi Hunterwriter,

I've heard that Sir Angus Ogilvy was a wonderful man. It must have been amazing to visit with the Queen and Sir Angus. From all accounts, the Queen is very down-to-earth.

Long story? Feel free to tell me all about it! :o)